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Shewmaker Animal Hospital is pleased to serve Labelle, FL and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide you and your pets with the best veterinary experience possible.

At Shewmaker Animal Hospital, everyone is considered a leader and an integral member of the health care delivery team. Every day at Shewmaker Animal Hospital, it is our friendly team’s responsibility to help make your veterinary experience a positive one to ensure that both you and your pet are at ease. In addition to mandatory veterinary knowledge and training, our team is selected for kindness, compassion, patience, professionalism, integrity, and agility.

We are here for you, we are here for your pet, and we are your neighborhood’s favorite vet. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (863) 675-2441 to request your pet’s appointment!



My babies were cleared and given their health certificates. Happy for that…3 down, 3 more to go. Dr Shewmaker has taken care of all of my dogs for the past 2 years. Very reasonable, open on Saturday and works you into the schedule most times the day of. Staff is pleasant and ready to assist for those of you that can’t watch your fur baby get a shot… Thank you guys so much!!!

Christine C.

Awesome staff! They did a wonderful job with Chica my father and mother in-laws Yorkie who was suffering from seasonal allergies. Thank you for taking such good care of her!

Erin T.

Dr Shewmaker & his staff are very accommodating. I had just been released from rehab for a broken knee & I had to take my little 10 yr old MinPin wannabe Riki in for vaccs & labored shallow breathing. The receptionist came to my vehicle & took the little guy inside as I was unable to walk without assistance. Then Dr Shewmaker came out and told me what he had done & showed me an x-ray of my baby’s enlarged heart, went & got meds for me to give him & the receptionist brought him back to me. Unfortunately my baby boy passed away that night. Thank you for your help & patience.

Judith S.

Dr. Shewmaker was very attentive and caring on the until last seconds of the live of beloved Shela. Thank you very much for your kind words in such difficult times.

Maria Cintron V.

I can only thank Dr shewmaker for his professionalism and dedication to animals. the reception desk is a lovely person. I have 10 dogs, all of them are clients of this clinic and will definitely always be. thank you for charging a fair price and fulfilling your profession with so much love . you are the best

Ana A.

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