Animal lovers know that domesticated animals like dogs and cats need good homes with access to nutritious food, water, and safe shelter. Our pets depend on us for quality care, and we would like to see every pet adopted into a loving family. Our veterinarian at Shewmaker Animal Hospital in LaBelle encourages pet owners to spay or neuter their cats and dogs to help combat the widespread problem of pet overpopulation. But there are other benefits to spaying and neutering procedures too. Let’s find out how these simple and safe operations influence your pet to stay at home, show less territorial behaviors, and manage its anxiety.

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The Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

Sadly, there are not enough homes that are willing to adopt companion animals compared to the number of animals that need them. Even with local animal shelters in place to house those still waiting for homes, the population has grown to such a size that millions of cats and dogs are euthanized for no other reason than there is simply not enough space to shelter them.

By getting your pet spayed or neutered, you prevent it from reproducing generations of animals. Many stray animals living in the wild will produce litters that unfortunately starve or are attacked by predators. Dogs and cats reproduce in just a few months and the litters tend to be numerous, so these operations go a long way in controlling the pet overpopulation problem. If we encourage our friends and neighbors to do this as well, we can hope to finally put an end to the pain and suffering of these homeless pets.

Additional Benefits

Our veterinarian can explain the other ways in which spaying and neutering surgeries can help individual pets as well as the animal population as a whole. It reduces the chances of your pet developing certain cancers of the reproductive organs. It removes the hormonal urges that can often be frustrating if they are kept inside and have no available mates.

Neutering discourages males from violent fights over females and gives them less incentive to roam far from their homes in search of mates. Males also have less reason to engage in spraying behaviors, marking their territory to ward off other males from coming and stealing potential mates, which makes pet owners happy as well. Our veterinarian performs these surgeries in mere minutes through a small incision, and recovery time is normally quite brief.

Having adorable kittens and puppies around is a lot of fun, but if pet owners want to welcome little ones into their homes we would like to encourage them to visit animal shelters and adopt those who already need a home instead of adding to an animal population that is already out of control.

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