Pets may need dental care. Unfortunately, not many pet parents know that their cats and dogs may require regular cleanings, visits to the veterinarian, and oral hygiene in order to promote better dental health. If you’re unsure of how to help your pet’s dental health so that they have a better quality of life, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

At Shewmaker Animal Hospital, we’re here to educate pet owners on the importance of pet dental care, as well as provide a wide range of pet dental services to help your cat or dog live a healthy happy life! We are here to help all of our pets to be able to enjoy their chew toys and snacks, and we can help do so with the a veterinarian on our veterinary team in LaBelle, FL.

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What Is Pet Dental Care?

Much like humans, pet dental care involves all things related to your pet’s oral health and hygiene. Your pet may need to be able to chew and finish their foods without pain. It is for this reason that pet dental care encompasses a wide range of treatments, such as tooth cleanings, medication to help your pet recover from infections, and lifestyle changes to improve your pet’s oral hygiene.

These are just some of the many services a veterinarian on our veterinary team can provide to help ensure your pet remains free of pain while chewing, and continues to show off those pearly whites!

Does My Pet Need to Visit a Veterinarian?

It is recommended that your pet has a visit with the veterinarian at least once a year. That can include pet dental care services as well. However, you should also bring your pet to visit the vet sooner if there are other issues he or she is currently facing.

This may include issues such as bad breath, blood in their food or water bowl, blood on their toys, facial swelling, inability to chew, inability to keep their mouths shut, drooling, and blood in their gums among other things.

If you notice your pet is struggling with these symptoms, get them to visit a vet at our animal hospital who can help determine the cause of their pain.

Get Pet Dental Care from a Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital

At Shewmaker Animal Hospital serving LaBelle, FL, we are here to help pets live healthy lives free of pain and discomfort. Call us at (863) 675-2441 for pet dental care services and more. A veterinarian at our animal hospital is here to provide pet dental care as a part of our veterinary services.