Today’s veterinarians use many state-of-the-art technologies to help them provide the best care for their animal patients. Ultrasound technology provides an image of organs and soft tissues in the body, to help vets diagnose illnesses and injuries. At Shewmaker Animal Hospital in LaBelle FL, we utilize pet ultrasound technology to help us diagnose health issues quickly and accurately.

What Is Digital Ultrasound Technology?

Ultrasound uses sound waves that echo off soft tissues in the body to produce a digital image on a computer screen. Veterinarians use these images to detect changes in the shape and size of organs and tissues in the body that could indicate an illness, injury, or other problem. They are specially trained to analyze complex images, diagnose health problems and determine appropriate treatments. Pet ultrasounds allow vets to find a problem quickly and to diagnose with greater accuracy.

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Health Problems Pet Ultrasound Can Detect

Most people are familiar with ultrasound as a technique used to monitor pregnancy. Veterinarians also use ultrasound for animals that are pregnant. However, the technology can also be used to detect obstructions in the intestines, kidney stones, bladder stones, enlargement of the heart, and other conditions. It may also be used to diagnose and monitor cancerous tumors. Ultrasound has been a highly useful tool for diagnosis, reducing the need for exploratory surgery.

How Is Ultrasound Diagnosis Performed?

Ultrasound testing is generally done in the veterinarian’s office. The animal lies on a table or comfortably on the floor on a blanket to allow access to the affected area.  The vet uses a hand-held device, which is passed over the surface of the animal’s body. The device creates a digital image on the computer screen. It is this image that must be carefully analyzed for any abnormalities. The process is painless for the animal.  Once the veterinarian understands what’s going on inside the body, appropriate treatment can be chosen. After testing, the animal can continue normal activities.

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