Your pet’s wellness is important. If it has been a while since your pet’s last checkup, it is a good idea to schedule a visit with a veterinarian. Preventative measures can help you avoid further expenses and health problems for your pet. Our team at Shewmaker Animal Hospital in LaBelle offers quality veterinary care for the pet community. The foundation of health and wellness for your furry friend starts with wellness exams.

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Early Detection of Common Health Issues

One of the biggest reasons to bring your pet to a veterinarian’s office is to detect health concerns that can be treated early. Our veterinarian will look for signs of health issues like cancer and respiratory problems that can become worse with age. Preventative care and early detection can save your pet’s life.


Whether or not you board your pet, your pet needs to be a regular vaccination schedule. In fact, the rabies vaccine is a requirement in Florida. This means that you may be required to show proof of your pet’s vaccination if you intend to get a pet license in your city.

Blood Tests

Blood work is also helpful for pets as they grow older. It is through blood testing that we can detect some of the earliest signs of issues like cancer. We can also detect immune system issues as well as problems with the vital organs.

Diet and Exercise Recommendations

Every pet needs a solid exercise or play routine, and many pets are not eating the healthiest foods to meet their nutritional needs. Our veterinarian will help you put together the right diet and exercise routine for your pet for healthy weight loss, weight maintenance, and disease prevention.

Ask Questions

If you have questions about your pet’s health, a wellness exam is a perfect time to ask our vet for more information. If you have noticed strange behaviors in your pet or are worried about your pet’s sleeping or eating habits, it is important to report those concerns. This may impact the types of tests that we perform during the routine exam.

Schedule a Pet Wellness Exam in LaBelle, FL

Our team at Shewmaker Animal Hospital will help your pet get the veterinary care that he or she deserves. To book your pet’s next wellness exam, call our team today at (863) 675-2441 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.