Spaying or neutering your pets can save their lives. Spayed and neutered animals are calmer, more affectionate, and less likely to run away, making for more contented pets. Here are some important facts about the spay and neuter procedures your veterinarian in LaBelle, FL, wants you to know.

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Female animals that have been spayed don’t go into heat.

Spaying eliminates a female pet’s “periods” that are accompanied by a week or two of “heat” that drives behaviors to attract mates. Unspayed indoor pets will become nervous and jittery. They may have a pink or clear discharge. Female pets in heat are prone to going outdoors where they are exposed to parasites, predators, and neighborhood animals. Spaying your pet prevents these problems.

Male animals that have been neutered are far less likely to run away. 

The urge to mate arises in male animals when they sense females in heat. They may escape crates, houses, yards, and leashes in pursuit of a mate, greatly increasing the chances of a tragic encounter with a car or larger animals.

Pets that have been spayed or neutered or easier to train.

Research veterinarians have found that the longer a dog is exposed to normal levels of sex hormones (which are greatly reduced by spaying or neutering), the harder it will be to train that dog to come when called or to fetch. Dogs that have not been spayed or neutered are more likely to display aggressive behaviors toward strangers, such as postal carriers and delivery people. Dogs that have been spayed or neutered are less likely to urinate indoors.

Female kittens that are spayed before six months of age are more than 90 percent less likely to get breast cancer later in life. Male kittens that are neutered before sexual maturity are less likely to have urinary tract problems later in their lives.

Many people who have cats in their lives will be surprised to learn that cats can be trained to “come,” “sit,” and respond to other verbal commands. Cats learn these behaviors more rapidly if they have been spayed or neutered.

Timing makes a difference in spaying or neutering our pets.

It’s important not to spay or neuter too soon or too late. De-sexing an animal too early can interfere with bone development, and putting off the procedure too long can reduce the benefits of the procedure for house training. Wellness visits for kittens and puppies in the first three or four months of their lives can help you and your veterinarian choose the right time for spaying and neutering.

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